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We Help SMS

How does it work?

We Help SMS allows your customers to communicate with your company over SMS through an easy to use ticketing workflow.

To get started, login with your Zendesk account, and pick any number in 36 available countries. Sending an SMS to this number will create a ticket in your Zendesk account. Responses will be sent back to customers over SMS.

Why SMS?

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    SMS is more personal.

    It forms an important part of activities on a mobile phone across all age groups.

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    It has a high read rate.

    90% of all incoming SMSes are read within 3 minutes.

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    It transcends device generations.

    It is available on the most rudimentary of mobile handsets.

Getting Started with We Help SMS

Chat and Customer Satisfaction

In a survey by Zendesk, chat messages exchanged frequently resulted in a higher Customer Satisfaction score than voice.

SMS is the original, most ubiquitous, form of chat. Use We Help SMS and Zendesk to empower your support teams with a great communication tool. Give your customers a channel that results in greater satisfaction.

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  • Why is Customer Relationship Management important?

    Executives, worldwide, are implementing best-of-breed CRM solutions to retain and enhance customer relationships. Customers are the strongest advocates of any brand. Do you have the right tools to convert them into loyal evangelists?

  • The WE HELP SMS advantage

    Why make your customers wait in line listening to hold music when they can instantly reach a Support Agent via SMS.
    This creates a one-to-one experience for customers even if multiple Support Agents help to resolve the problem.

  • Cutting out the noise

    Today, more and more customers use mobile first for social networks, email, voice, messaging apps, etc.
    SMS still remains the least distracting and direct means of communication.

  • Get started in less than 5 minutes.

    Sign up for a free trial and activate one customer support number to receive $5 in SMS credits.

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How we can help

Your business

Customer Support

Setup a number to allow SMS conversations with your customers. SMS chat means fewer staff deployed, and a more personal connection.

Sales Concierge

Increase sales and impact customer behaviour by letting them chat with your company over SMS.

E-commerce Notifications

Notify customers when packages are dispatched. Manage replies over SMS through Customer Support tickets.


Create highly effective, targeted campaigns using SMS through our complementary products.

Customer Verification

Verify customer authenticity by using our API to send a One Time PIN for sign ups.

Appointment Scheduling

Enable your customers to SMS your organisation and schedule appointments.

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Pricing Table

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per month

Prices can vary depending on country.
Cost of messages is not included in pricing.
Outbound Messages


Charged for replies to Support Tickets created when you receive SMS on your Support Number.
Inbound Messages


Charged when you receive an SMS from a customer on your Support Number.

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